Humans’ Search for Life


In reference to the poem “A Diamond searches for a Ring”

The first impression of the poem, “A Diamond Searches for a Ring”, gives the idea of a story built around a lover who has won the fame in society but trying to find the person who perfectly fits him. The diamond is personified to symbolize the lover or the man whereas the ring is personified to symbolize his partner. However it is hard for the diamond to find a “fitting ring” as “she is difficult to be found”.  Although the surface meaning of the poem is openly shown to the readers to give the idea that however much a person is successful and lives in fame, it is hard to find the perfect partner, the true message of the poem is more obscure.

The Diamond symbolizes the entire human race and the ring symbolizes life. Are humans a rare occurrence in the universe? Yes! For now. Hence we are precious. Humans always crave power. They always try to act proper and try to be proper in this improper society where money overpowers every other desire. Humans have worked in order to find prominence, fame and to acquire every possible thing. But they have understood, that they lack “Life”. Life, as we know it is the condition that distinguishes living beings from other materials thus, including the capacity to grow, reproduce, function and face eventual death. I believe that living is not merely the existence of an individual human but it is the manner how each individual accepts what life truly is and lives it correctly. The human race have understood that they should go in search of a correct life for them which is similar to that of a ring fitting to a diamond with the correct shape, size and orientation.

I have used ‘She’ for the ring so as to represent the Mother who gives life to the human race. Humans have now understood that their only friend is Earth. In the most desperate times, when no one is out there, it is the Earth who will safeguard the human race within its own atmospheres providing the essential compounds for survival. The search for life is hard. There will be many people to help you when you are searching for actual diamonds, money and fame. But will that same crew assist you in the search for life? Will they understand its worth? Will you? Yes, as per the poem you have.

We don’t actually see the composition of a diamond. What we actually see is its physical appearance. Thus we enjoy its beauty merely due to the reflections and refractions that occur due to the shining of light on it. Similarly, humans see the appearance and actions of each other. They are not in a position to understand each and every thought of another human being. But it has been the only way to understand how a particular human is. Every human should understand that their sole intention is to be free. That does not mean staying free without engaging in any activity. It means achieving a certain state of mind that you don’t feel unnecessary pain and burden and of most importantly to take care of each other. Finding life will be the key to this whole scenario.

In this long journey where spontaneous events increase the entropy of the universe, humans may find life. But will they be ready to accept what life truly is? In the last two lines of the fourth stanza, life itself speaks saying that if the human race is ready, life would stay with them forever. The combination of Life and Human race will be even more precious than an actual diamond ring.

In this world humans fight against their own kind in thirst of power and fame. For hundreds of years, humans have only craved more and more of this outrageous power, to take control and to rule over the world. Chaos were created and it is still in the process of creation due to unhealthy mindsets of certain individuals who lack the knowledge of the value of life itself. The beauty lies in the difference in the reflections and refractions of humans. But it is important to remember we diamonds belong to one species; Homo sapiens.

Have the humans understood what life truly is? Are we actually living?

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