“No, I Did Not Ask For It…”


Seated in a train, I was

Peeping out the window,

My seven-year-old self, engrossed

In the sights of mountains and meadow


Everything turned to gloom, all of a sudden

No more lush sceneries,

As the man seated next reached and touched me

Where it should not be touched


Looked into his eyes, oh yes I did

As old as my father, he was,

His eyes glanced at my knee-length frock

As if to say, “See, you asked for it”


Travelling in a bus, I was

Standing, staring at my phone,

My thirteen-year-old self, engrossed

In the teenage thoughts of my own


Suddenly my mind went numb

Frozen, scared, I had become,

Something pressing against me, I felt

Being again unkind, was the world I dwelt


I cried, turning around, and saw a tall guy

Everyone else just turned a blind eye,

He looked at my pants as if to transmit

The familiar message of, “See, you asked for it”


Alone in my home, I was

My seventeen-year-old self,

In came my very own uncle

Who had dropped by himself


Casually we talked for an hour

His gaze got lustful too,

Suddenly he raised my gown

And did what he should not do


I screamed, but nobody heard

Or pretended that they didn’t hear,

My dreams of love, matrimony was gone

As I slowly got impure


Then he got up and, wrapped his hands

Tightly around my neck, brute strength;

Shouted, “See, you asked for it”

Pointing at my frock, that stood at ankle-length


I couldn’t breathe, as he tightened his grip

I wasn’t afraid to die, I admit,

I took one final breath, looked at his eyes, and said

“No, I did not ask for it…”



Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3AM0NKR





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