Purposeful Strangers: Self-Inspiration


Where were you sitting, the last time you met those eyes?

Or rather more accurately, the last time you read that emotion.

Maybe it was the corner seat of a bus in the early sunrise,

Or perhaps the passing face of a stranger without much a notion.


What were you wearing, at the most cherished of moments?

The wind streaming through your memories in a lonesome bliss,

Or sounds of sparkling conversation warmly growing exponents,

What’s most dear might even be a simple song, notes sung amiss.


How were you walking, the first time you hummed out loud?

A tune that represented a wrinkle in time that you can hide,

Were you strutting along head held up in expectation, out and about;

Or rather a slow shuffle, half dancing in the safety of a comfy abode?


When does the most freeing thoughts come to you?

Deep in thought, a fleeting moment of concentration and grace,

Or maybe the sudden flash of a stranger passing by, leaving a clue;

Maybe, maybe, in the reflection of yourself, self-inspiration in its place…



Written by: Dasith Tilakaratna


Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3kIIHUf

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