The Glamour Is With Everyone ….!

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Just think a bit and decide what is regarded as the most glamorous profession in the current society? Do you think that an engineer or a doctor is more glamorous and precious than a labourer or a plumber? No, it is not at all! Every profession should be equally treated and everybody should become glamorous if he does his job perfectly. You will feel that each and every so called minor profession should be treated equally at a moment which you necessarily require them, at a moment you are helpless.

In the same manner, should it be that the people who are learning to be someone they deserve on that one day be treated as a major or minor on the basis of the stream they are studying, or on the basis of the authority of the institute that they are learning? It is quite obvious that the country cannot provide higher education in state universities for all the students who could get through the cut-offs. Only the cream is lucky enough to enter to a state university. Does it means that the rest are unlucky and they should never have the chance to study in the field that they are interested in? So, depending on the situation of the country, those ones have to look for private university if they could afford it other than just finding a job with lower qualification or leaving the country or just study something they really hate in a state university. It is the whole country which gets developed with these well educated people. It is just silly if someone thinks that the private universities are minor to the state ones just because they are private. Major or minor, it should be considered on the basis of the quality of the output and nothing else.

If it is fine for a country to have private education in management, financial and technical fields, why couldn’t it for medical field? What is the issue of it? Every profession is glamorous and every profession has rights as well as responsibilities.

Of course a doctor who treats a patient is totally responsible for the life of the patient. But doesn’t the same principle act with each and every profession? A laborer who fixes and maintains the rails are responsible for the lives of thousands of people who travel by train on these rails. An engineer who is in charge of a seven story building is responsible for the hundreds of people living there. This lucidly proves that not only one or two have a big responsibility on the society. Every profession is important and should be respected regardless of the so called social status.

So why does only one group of people scream out to draw the attention of the whole county to one profession? It is okay if those people are shouting to equalize the quality of the product. But how can they abolish someone’s future? Prevalence of universities from both sectors will motivate both sectors to enhance their quality. They will try out to have the best product from their own institute. Doesn’t this enhance the status of the country? It is quite gormless to erase out only one field of education from the country saying that it is private!

The country needs the rational thinkers and not the empty-headed people who bent their heads to any slogan which makes a lot of noise. The people should work out independently, and should not work with a blind faith. If one’s heart could not tolerate the equalizing of another, it is just hypocrisy.

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