Till Nature Decides


The knot tightens,
The chest heaves,
The heart,
It still beats…

Limbs flail,
Throat closes,
The hands fly
Right to the neck…

Tears pour,
Lungs whimper,
The legs,
They stop moving.

The door opens,
Panic floods,
The chill,
It now starts to warm.

Huddled tight,
The soul weeps.
“Had I done this to you?”
A feeble voice asks.

It wasn’t you but me.
It wasn’t you but my own demons
It was never you,
It was my darkness.

The one that finally decided to take over.
Consuming me whole,
Making me maim,
Making me loose,
And finally making me leave this vessel.

You shall still be free.
You shall still heal.
You shall fight the vicious of all,
Not alone,
Never alone.
But with me beside you.

By your side, I shall always stand
And help you fight ,
The battles till the end,
By your side till the end,
Till nature decides we both may rest.


Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/4613kjL

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