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Ten months of the year has already been passed and its October 1st today. If somebody asked what the specialty of today is, you in your twenties will say ‘Ah, it is children’s day, isn’t it?’ surely you might have a lot to say from your past memories bound around your school colleagues, parents and teachers. Also you might have received gifts, participated in school functions to celebrate your day as a child. You will fly to your past and will say that you had a great pleasure when you were a child, and since now you are in twenties you will say that October 1st is no more a special day for you.

Indeed it is true that you are not a child any more. But don’t forget that is not just only the children’s day but also the elders’ day today. What about you parents in their fifties, sixties and seventies? As you and I have grown bigger and younger, your and my parents have become older and older. So, it is your time to celebrate your parents and grandparents to be gratitude for the golden service that they have done towards the betterment of you. No matter how much successful you are, you success was laid under the shadow of these huge roles. Your parents passing the half century milestone and your grandparents reaching the century milestone will be pleased if you just spend few hour talking to them. They are already missing grown you due to your steady daily routine.

Just be with them for few hours or a day close to them and silently observe the silvery tears in their wrinkled eyes when you are about to leave them. Feel how intimate they are. Then you will be thankful for yourself. Don’t ever think that it is not your day, but today is the day to celebrate the golden images behind you from your childhood.


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