BEEZ under Nuga Tree picture for BUZZ
BEEZ project photo for BUZZ

We, the BEEZ have been active in University of Colombo from 2015 and have engaged in various activities to contribute to the environmental literacy of the community from its inception. Our work has reached from school children to other universities and then from general public to corporate organizations. Our awareness campaigns ranged over different media from art, speech, essay and photography competitions to conferences and panel discussions. We have also worked collaboratively with student groups in our own University and other Universities to reach out for better exercise of our efforts as the more the engagement, the more environmentally friendly the community would be.

The idea of starting a blog has long been in our minds. We wanted to write about the experiences gained from the work we do, express our view of nature as the group of environmental enthusiasts we are, as well as contributing to improve the environmental literacy of people. Among other things, we expect that this blog will be a good opportunity for our members to harness their writing skills and the ability to express their opinions. We now have our own forum to write on!

I’m very excited to see “The BUZZ” grow with BEEZ in the years that lay ahead of it. Today we take a baby step that will tomorrow become a strong path contributing to the protection of our indispensable environment while strengthening the abilities of our own members.

Let us make the best of “The BUZZ” for a greener and better tomorrow!

Dinithi Hemachandra
President 2019/2020


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