A Charming Night


The sun is saying goodbye for today

From the skyline

Clouds are getting darker and heavier

And the moon is peeping

From the distant mountains

The stars shine in the sky

Like bulbs in a pandol

I stared at the sky without blinking

For a moment –

What a beautiful night


I want to lie on the greenish grass

And watch the night sky

I want to count the dazzling stars

Like in my childhood

I want to touch the moon

Which glitters like a diamond

I want to feel the cold wind

That blows around –

What a beautiful night


My eyes don’t want to sleep

My heart is crying so badly inside


“Don’t miss this beautiful night”

But, the cold wind

That blows into my room

Takes away all my pain

And sings a lullaby to me

Until I fall asleep –

What a beautiful night


Poem by: Charya Senanayake

Featured Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/2DxVDtT

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