A Lost Soul


Passing days,

Can never, cover everything,

Can never, heal everything,

Nor the time,

Won’t make everything forgotten,

Hidden, in the darkness,

forgotten, but remembered,

Dead, but alive,

Happy, but crying,

Her demolished soul, still exists.

When the pale moon shines,

Doling out love over the world,

Drowned, in glimmer,

Many aghast memories, haunting,

Mingles with tears.

Yet, the tragic aeon will never end.

When the cold night wind,

Shatter the shutters,

Concealing every secret,

A figure, wrapped in the moon

Trapped in the boob.

The journey starts,

Flying in the nostalgic lanes,

She stops, to feel the moments,

Her ears, finding her bubbly soul, whispering,

To her lover, of innocent little dreams,

and her lover promising, “Everything for you”,

suddenly her mind saying “Forget about that darling!

It’s just a dream, it won’t be real”,

And then she awakes, shocked and scared,

Scared of that nightmare, that changed everything,

“Dreams…….”, She whispers to herself,

Once she owned them,

But now, everything, bygone.


Written By – Umesha Abeysuriya


Image Courtesy- https://bit.ly/3mSxzpj

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