A Time Of Zoom And Gloom…


The world is in chaos….

People quarantined, isolated, depressed….

And the expert minds of science, busy as bees, breaking their heads over a cure for a pathogen of unknown origin….

Literally, everything has changed….

Yes… literally everything…

No religious rituals, no hugs, handshakes…..

Imprisoned within a cage called house….

True isn’t it?

Home, what once seemed to be as comforting as a mother’s lap, is now, more like a psychological trauma,

Indicating that one can’t stay in the same place for too long.

Technology, is overpowering humans, from education to social relationships…

The deadly virus is sparing none…

From infants to fragile oldsters…

Where, is all this heading to?

A whole new world, fresh and pure with more greenery,

Or a planet with ash and corpses?

Yet, she is happy…..

Enjoying her own company and obsessed with enhancing her beauty….

Her kingdom, without humans, is calm and quiet, like never before.

She’s none, but Mother Nature…


Written by: Kajanthigha Pavalanathan


Image Courtesy: Author

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