Adam Walks Into A Jungle…


Adam, the God’s greatest creation,

Walks into a jungle

Of lush greenery and grandeur, in awe,

He suddenly hears a rumble


Kiss him, do the drops of rain,

As he stares up into the sky

The thunder cries, the lightning strikes,

As if to welcome him to the wild


Further to the wilderness, he wanders along,

And he hears another rumble

A dreaded leopard, leaps through the trees,

And speeds past, despite a tumble


A man with a gun, follows the beast on the run,

To the much amazement of Adam,

“Not my problem! Why should I care?”,

He thinks, and continues to amble


Not more than a few feet, he strolls,

He hears a third rumble

He looks at the distance, and gapes in stupefaction,

As he sees the trees crumble


Suddenly a sapling comes to life,

And races across the field

A man with an axe, appears and attacks,

And chases after it, to seize


“Why should I care?”, he thinks again,

“Why should I waste my time?”

He returns to ramble, and to scramble,

Oh dear, he’s doing a crime


“Boom!”, a gunshot! Immediately he hears,

And a leopard cries in agony

“Thwack!”, a chop! And a sapling’s sob,

The jungle seems to shiver in shock


“Oh my God! What have I done?

I left them to be killed!”

He comes to his senses, and turns around,

And gasps in horror, aloud


There was not a forest anymore!

The animals were gone too!

An empty land stared back at him,

The gunman and axeman were in view


The final rumble, he started to hear,

As the two men approached

“Oh nature! Please save me!”, he prayed,

Then he took the bullet in the throat…


-The End-


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