According to the great scholar, HG Wells, war is a horrible thing, constantly more horrible and dreadful. Unless it ends, it will end the human society. However, with the new and advanced inventions by science, warfare has developed into a more devastating nature. It is more destructive than before. History is an evidence to this – the mass and larger scale annihilation and diseases. Previously, atomic bombs were believed to be the climax of application of Science into war. The degree of the damage caused by the atomic bomb attacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII by USA, still shivers the veins of people.

The two atomic bombs dropped in Japan in 1945 killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people and their effects are still being felt

Public memory though short, this was the most callous and inhuman act in the history of warfare. Nevertheless, with the advancement of science and technology, the warfare is transcending to the level that is beyond the capacity of human control. Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, informationized warfare and autonomous weapons are some examples of contemporary application of science into warfare.

Autonomous Killer Drones in Action

Soldiers fight traditional warfare, which exhibits their bravery and has a sense of sacrifice. In contrast, the future warfare will replace the soldiers by machines. In addition, the striking power of bombs has been improved to a level where a precision-guided ammunition can hit a selected target located anywhere in the world with Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) or drones. The spectrum of warfare has developed in such a manner, that micrometer-sized bacteria, fungal and viral bodies can cause the same damage that an atomic bomb could because now they have been developed as biological weapons. In addition, gases, which are more lethal, have been discovered and tested already. The killing power of weaponry has far exceeded.

Chemical and Biological warfare: new dimension

It is visible with these facts that the traditional rule of “the big fish dominates the small fish” has been replaced by “the fast fish dominates the slow fish” with the usage of modern warfare. The advancement of science and technology has created a situation where in the event of full – scale warfare, humankind will not be able to regulate it and whole world may face extinction. The fact that who would survive and who would be vanished cannot be ruled out. Finally, it can be stated that it is a truism that the world at larger would be standing as if on a volcano.

“Human beings who carry the name Homo sapiens sapiens which means the man with the most logical and analytical brain, should not encourage such a disastrous ending for themselves and it is a wonder why their consciences do not revolt against such a warfare, which is almost like committing suicide.” – Author



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