I can’t remember the beginning.

My mind was a jumble of thoughts

like shards of broken glass

strewn across the floor.


I can’t remember how I arrived,

to that endless, dark void;

nor how I came to confront

that faceless figure draped in black.


Yet it all felt too familiar,

like a movie you know too well,

or a crazy déjà vu.

But I do remember that walk.

That long, eternal walk with Death.


Was I even walking?

Because I don’t remember feeling

my feet touch the ground.

I remember wanting to run.

I remember wanting to scream.

I remember wanting to cry.

Feeling like a child lost in the woods.


But I knew how it would end,

because I’ve seen it a thousand times;

over and over and over again.


Death, a guide, a familiar stranger

followed by the remnants of

my disembodied mind;

fracturing and morphing,

groping in the dark

for an attachment to a form.


And Death, at long last,

at what seemed the end

of eternal space and time,

whispered those echoing words.

” ‘Til we meet again”


Written by: Yowan Dias


Featured Image: https://bit.ly/304e18Z

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