Melodious was the tune that filled nature

Surpassing the beauty of the Koel

Awaking all life with its note

Even those that withered away

Seemed to resurrect under its tone

But where was such melody blooming?

Searched the youngins of all

And resulted in finding its source.


At the bank of the sparkling river

Basking in the rays of the morning sun

Was an ethereal beauty with a flute

Eyes closed and fingers strumming

Originated the joyous tone


The flowing hair held up in a knot

Enhanced by the feather of a peacock

The brows relaxed

Enjoying his own tune

The bow-shaped lips form an embouchure

Producing the heart-warming tune

Calmness embedded within his posture he posed


Silence stood the ones gazing

Enthralled were they

By the sight of the serene beauty

And the wondrous melody erupting from within

Failed, did they to notice,

The silence which engulfed them all

For the young lad’s fingers had stopped strumming

And opened did he his eyes


Soft gasps erupted,

At the fact they were caught staring,

At the one who was playing

Giggling did they all run

Not away but towards

The one who welcomed them with mirth

Embracing them did he smile

And sighed did they all.

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