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The Annual Inter Faculty Freshers’ Tournament is one of the most important event for the freshers. All  the freshers from each and every faculty are gathered in order to make their faculty honoured, by winning the Freshers’ Championship. While some students engaged several sports events, every fresher made an effort to do at least one sports event. At the same time, each and every student came to support their faculty by keeping their academics away for a moment. Not only the freshers, but also seniors came and cheered for their faculty and give their maximum support to freshers. Though the Freshers’ Tournament was started on 2nd of March, there was a pause of it. But re-starting of the tournament created pleasure and hope in the hearts of freshers.

Karate, one of the most thrilling tournament was held on Saturday, 12th of May at the indoor stadium of University of Colombo. Teams representing Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Faculty of Law, Faculty of Technology and Sri Pali campus participated for this tournament. There are two main categories as Men and Women under several weight classes as under 50kg, 50kg – 55kg, 55kg -60kg etc. In mens’ category there was over 75kg weight class too.
The word “Karate” has a Japanese origin and it is a kind of martial art which has a long history. Freshers, who  practiced this martial art were in the action in order to make their faculty honoured.

The tournament was ended successfully and the final results were as below;

Men’s Category
• 1st Place – Faculty of Management & Finance
• 2nd Place – University of Colombo School of Computing
• 3rd Place – Faculty of Science

Women’s Category
• 1st Place – Faculty of Science
• 2nd Place – University of Colombo School of Computing
• 3rd Place – Faculty of Management & Finance, Faculty of Art

According to these results, Faculty of Management and Finance was the overall champions in the Inter Faculty Freshers’ Karate Tournament, 2018 while Faculty of Science became overall Runners-up.
All of us at FOSMedia Unit would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the champions of Inter Faculty Freshers’ Karate Tournament 2018 and we wish all the best for each and every player for their achievements.

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