I’ll sit beside my grave one day
And look around the life I lived
I’d be grateful for the people in my life
Sticked with thinnest, thrilled with my joys
I’d be free of grudge and sadness of hurters
I’d be pleased with storms that beat me and lost to me
All will be long gone and persist as distant memories
For What’s done was done and time had wonders
I’ll look at my sins and virtues in peace
Discern will I, lessons of times
Let go and let it be as it may
For a new life with hope for no worries.
I’ll be gone for a place new but a sequel
Just as it always has been
I’d be bound to misery, again, of life
Until it’s time to move to another,
Another and another till wisdom enlightened
Till all that causes pain and joy
No longer exist in this realm.


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