Helen Of Troy


Over the Hera’s lordship of Eurasia

Athena’s wisdom in war

Despite all power and might

Paris chooses Aphrodite’s  Helen of Troy


Promise of the Aphrodite

To a voyage of Sparta

Changes diplomat to a lover

To the love of Helen

Steeling from Sparta to the love of Troy 

triggering the war of the years


thousand ships landing on the shores of Troy

hundred thousand on board

against the hectors Trojan army

graded by the great walls of Poseidon 


Swords clash and shields collide

As armies surge and warriors ride

Horses stamp and chariots roar

As the battle rages on forevermore


With swords and spears they clashed and fought

For ten long years, the battle wrought

Each side determined to prevail

until the last man dies


Heroes rose and heroes fell

As the war dragged on and on through hell

Achilles, Hector, Priam, and more

Their stories to be told forevermore


Victorious were Greeks

with many brave souls to Hades

Fathers, sons, and husbands, and friends

leaving on the shores of Troy


Screams and mourns were no more

echoes haunting the shore

Troy fell to ruin, burned to the ground

Never to rise again


If you were the Helen of Troy

Then I could have fought the painful war

But is it worth sacrificing myriads of souls

Just for you


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