Long live GAVEL UOC!


A moment can last forever if it’s experienced whole heartedly and at the same time it may take years for us to realize that we’ve spent our time in the worst way possible. The best use we can make of it is to live in the present, to focus on what we’re doing right now and appreciate every moment making it lasts forever.

The 03rd of July 2019 was an important milestone for the gavel club of University of Colombo; a day that would last forever as it was their 150th gavel meeting ! By all means it was a day to celebrate with glee. Drawing themselves out of assignments, in-classes and research mood, UOC gaveliers rushed for another gathering of their family away from family.

The Gavel Club of the University of Colombo which was set up in November 2014 is an affiliate of Toastmasters International. It is the only club that focuses on enhancing leadership and communication skills in the English language for the undergraduates in the entire University. The club is open to all faculties and fluency in English is NOT required to join the club. Weekly Gavel Educational meetings create a supportive, positive environment to develop speaking, listening and leadership skills of their members.

The proceedings of the 150th meeting was unfold with the warm welcome by the humble young gentleman Mr President; Gavelier Lawan and was then handed over to the Toastmaster of the day; Gavelier Harith who took the audience on a dramatic voyage with words.

The meeting sailed smooth with the usual round robin session, prepared speeches and table topics followed by insightful evaluations, encouraging the speakers with dash of enthusiasm.

The official farewell for the former senior treasurer of the club; Dr Asoka Ramanayake, was also held after the meeting. Words of gratitude were shared by members of the gavel UOC alumni, gavelier Shaik and gavelier Harinda; two leading personalities behind Gavel UOC. They thanked her for all the support and guidance given at all times and for giving strength to pursue their efforts as a club.

They also took the audience on a quick ride on the journey of Gavel club sharing their diverse experiences as Gaveliers. It was enlightening to see how the club reached greater heights step by step.

The 150th Gavel meeting adjourned on an enthusiastic note with high hopes and plans for another remarkable gathering.

Cheers to many more productive gavel years and beyond! UOC Gaveliers have made it this far. They can make it through whatever comes next.

Long live GAVEL UOC!

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