Night tales


The breeze among the trees,

The rustle of leaves,

Whispering secrets in my ear.

And I kept walking ahead,

With my coat of cool air.

Branches brushed my shoulder,

Wishing me luck for my walk.

Squirrels’ lazy heads,

Popped out of hollows,

Scowling for waking them up.

The croak of the frog,

The hoot of an owl,

The screech of a bat,

The steps of a hare,

All kept me aware.

Among the ocean of the mist,

Like fairies fireflies danced.

Moonlight peaked from trees,

Just to get a look at this scene,

Straight out of a tale,

A beautiful night tale.

Suddenly a black cloud

engulfed the moon.

The moon beams disappeared,

And the trees shuddered in its loss.

The mist grew thicker,

Squirrels, frogs, owls, hares

All were long gone,

Leaving me alone,

To tend to my own safety.

Fireflies spread away in a dash,

All was dark in a flash,

And silence crept in….

A wolf howled piercing the night,

My blood turned to ice,

And I shuddered in the dark.

I was about to get a scare,

Straight out of a nightmare,

A dark night tale.

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