Lunch sheets banned?


Polythene bags,  regiform boxes and especially lunch sheets used to wrap food are to be banned in Sri Lanka from
September, 2017.

As we all know, all the above make an immense effect on the environment .Some of the polythene will almost never degrade while getting deposited into the soil reducing the soil quality thereby reducing the agricultural harvest from the land.Also, it creates issues in relation to garbage dumping, like the one we experienced in Meethotumulla. Open dumping in Meethotumulla would have been a landfill if polythene and plastic were not there.

The above Order will strictly come into action and will stop importing of the above too. Still, under vehement needs, polythene less than 20 Microns can be used with the permission of the CEA (Central Environmental Authority).
On the other hand, this ban will empower the local market for environment friendly products. Such an opportunity will enhance the market for local productions like clothing material ,papers and twine. In the recent past, that’s when we were going to nearby groceries to buy sugar or rice for our house needs,we remember them to be rolled up in a paper bound with a twine.

Again, the same practice will come into use for wrapping up a small quantity of items, where a large quantity can be packed up in boxes or thick bag covers produced locally. I remember watching a television program in one National Television which showed methods of sewing book covers using clothes. Such steps taken by the media will also help people to initiate the use of Eco-friendly material to fulfill their needs in the future.

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