Of You


The bamboo in the wind – The lessons from the moon
The calmness of the ocean – The cricket’s song at night

The sunlight in the morning – The list from always longing
The moon of graceful pledging – The focus at the following

The confusion in depression – The determination from anger
The roughness of a river – The thunderstorm at night

The stillness in the river – The burning from rejection
The echoes of a bell – The life spent at the time

The delusion in a thought – The breaking from a habit
The clarity of glass – The howling at midnight

The Blue Jay in the winter – The ease from always running
The heartache of acceptance – The present held at nothing

The coldness of my heart – The face from not belonging
The wait of just a month – The edge at other dawning

The flower in the spring – The joy from your love
The darkness of isolation – The cricket’s sing their plight

Image Courtesy: Dasith Tilakaratna