Are school uniforms necessary…?


As a University student, I believe that wearing a uniform to school is necessary due to many reasons. A uniform is a specially designed mode of dress provided by the Government for school children or by the authorities of private school.

Children clad in uniforms which are especially white, are a common sight in the morning on week days. It is a pleasing sight to most of us. In the morning, they are dressed in clean, white uniforms and are very neat in appearance. However, in the afternoons, students returning from schools are not so neat and nice. Some psychologists say that we can analyse the behaviour of a student by the neatness of his or her uniform. In the afternoons, we could clearly see the state of many of the uniforms. It is essential to keep our school uniforms neat and clean by washing them regularly and ironing them daily, if possible.

Many children do not take good care of their uniforms as they get them free of charge from the Government. Does anyone think about Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara when they don their school uniforms every morning? Some of you may not even know what a lot he has done for the development of education. If we think about him, we will not be able to dirt our uniforms and not pay attention to keeping them clean and neat.

It was he who introduced the free uniform system too just like free education. He always considered the rich and the poor as the same and believed that the uniform is a good way to prevent this from being obvious in schools. When they all dress the same way they can be considered equal. This leads to unity and harmony among small children.

Many children may really prefer to wear coloured clothes than uniforms. But, it is better if children wear uniforms because then it is easy to identify to which schools they belong to. According to scientific research, wearing white coloured uniforms is good for the health because reflects the sunlight and protects the body from the heat of the sun. So, it is evident that there are many advantages in wearing uniform to school. Therefore, whether we are rich or poor we should use the uniforms given to us with care and dress to school in a neat manner.

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