SLUG XII 2019 – Taekwondo


The Indoor stadium at University of Ruhuna-Wallamadama was filled with young undergraduates from around 12 Universities with bold faces, mouth guards and other safety guards, practicing “striking with the foot and hand”. The tournament was held in compliance with the rules and regulations of the World Taekwondo Federation as adopted by the Taekwondo Federation of Sri Lanka with the tournament rules laid down by the Sri Lankan Universities Sport Association. The tournament lasted for 3 days, 27th, 28th and 29th August 2019.

The 1st day comprised with the technical committee meeting and weighing process where the competitors were separated into their respective weight categories. The tournament was conducted under 3 main categories, namely; individual sparring, Individual poomsae and Team poomsae for both Men and Women. All the universities sent in their talented teams who were competitive throughout the tournament, struggling on the mat and obeying the fair play. There were 12 teams in the men’s and women’s category.

Taekwondo 2019

The tournament had two types of matches as Preliminary round and the Final where the time duration of 1.5 minutes was allocated for each round where the preliminary round had 2 rounds whereas the Final had 3 rounds. Only one competitor from each team participated for the sparring event. Individual sparring event was played by two players from each university as one player for 1 to 4 Jang and second player for 5 and 8 Jang. For the team poomsae events, each University team had 3 participants each as members along with 2 substitutes as needed. This event was conducted as an open event in which the weight classes and belts were not applied.

The method of the competition was a single elimination tournament. It was filled with dramatic jumping spinning kicks and hand shots of the competitors who competed eagerly till the end. They showed their courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and Indomitable spirit throughout the 2 days. The University of Moratuwa placed 1st in both the men’s and women’s categories with a total of 56 points. University of SriJayawardenapura secured the men’s 2nd place with 21 points whereas University of whereas University of Kelaniya secured the men’s 3rd place with 14 points. University of Colombo secured the women’s 2nd place with 24 points and University of Ruhuna secured the Women’s 3rd place with 16 points.

The overall 2nd place was secured by University of Sri Jayewardenepura with 32 points and the 3rd place was secured by University of Colombo with 30 points. The unbeaten champions, the students of the University of Moratuwa took home the Taekwondo championship marking the end for the SLUG Taekwondo tournament for the year 2019. We, FOS media, congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants for their energetic effort on the mat.

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