Start of the competition of little shiny things

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The Sun had not risen from the horizon of our country as ordinary yesterday. It had a very significant specialty which gave a different feeling about that day. It was a historical day for Sri Lanka and  very special for the scientific journey of the country. This was none other than start of the 1st International Olympiad competition, XXIII International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO), held in Sri Lanka for the first time. The day marked another important occasion. 70 years had passed since Sri Lanka gained independence. So this was an anniversary gift to our 70 year old independence. It is undoubtedly one of the best anniversary gifts received by the scientific community of Sri Lanka.

Marking of the start of that special occasion, teams, representing countries worldwide, started to arrive in our motherland. Team Ukraine was the first group of participants to arrive in Sri Lanka, on the 05th of October. Next was the team from our neighboring country, Team India, who also arrived on the same day. They were warmly welcomed to our country and treated with hospitality for which our nation is universally famous.

Team members were given instructions and a brief up about the arena where the competition is to be held and their places of stay. Members of the local organizing committee helped them find their team guides, that would be guiding them inside the country during their stay at Sri Lanka.

Then the teams were taken to Pegasus Reef hotel at Wattala, where they will be staying through out their stay at Sri Lanka. Teams from various countries arrived continuously after the 05th of October, proving that they are ready to face new challenges, not only when it comes to Astronomy, but also with regard to experiencing a different climate, culture and surrounding and meeting new people. All teams, along with our organizers and Astronomy lovers are awaiting the chance to witness a memorable event in the upcoming week.

Image Courtesy : FOSMedia