The Crown of Time


In a city of ruins, forgotten and old

A palace of valor in legends, now cold,

In a great white hall; where old kings ruled

A silver throne shines, unharmed, unsold.

Behind that throne, a secret lies,

The treasures old, for greedy eyes

Behind the pillars, a faint light climbs,

From the soulless, earthly crown of time.


Golden rim with tempered steel,

The crown can halt and turn the wheel,

Flaming opals, diamond wreath,

Raze the wraiths and shades that breath,

Fading reds of velvet pleats,

Count the steps that walked on streets,

The edges and curves of the crown sublime

Streaks the space and changes the time.


If I say there’s a treacherous price,

The wearer pays, so do think twice,

A price that’s worth the altered time,

But yet it defines your life.

If the crown crawls into the wearer’s mind,

and wipes the memories the wearer thrives,

despite your memories, for virtue and chimes

will you wear the crown of time?

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