The Heart Of Te-Fiti


The life I endowed,

To my children them all.

In spite of their love,

I’ve given them my all.

The trees and stars, the moon and skies,

It’s all their own; I wouldn’t say mine.


Breath, refuge, beauty outright,

Nurtured and protected,

All day and all night.

Set back my tears,

It would hurt my child.

No matter the misery,

They’ll be my prime.


Yet through the ages,

Through my best, I tried.

They’ve cared not so,

They’ve let my heart slide.

Must be somewhere, safe and fine,

But for the sake of tomorrow,

It won’t be fine.


The heart of Te-Fiti, that gave you life,

The heart you stole without insight,

Bring it back to where it’s right,

Forgiveness for sure you will find.

Written By: Sithhara Salgado


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