The impact of globalization for the betterment of education



The concept of “globalization” is no longer alien to us. Every day we hear and talk about it. It implies the opening of local and nationalistic perspectives to a broader outlook of an interconnected and interdependent world where sharing of resources and knowledge is in rapid progress. Although it is a major player in almost every field of our everyday life, here I want to draw out some profound implications on education. What I understand by the term “education” is the development of the whole individual. However in the present borderless information society, education needs to be able to respond the additional demands. That’s where; education and globalization merge with each other.
My point of view is that, globalization has ensured that people have more access to education in today’s world. No matter where you live or who you are, if you are thirst of knowledge, you can access to the resources in no time. If you are not satisfied with local education system, your dream to fly to another country is no longer a dream. Thousands of websites are out there. You just need a key word to search. Are you fed up of going after different learning courses? Why don’t you try “E learning”? If you need to connect with some experts in your field of study and interact with different students over the globe, just have a look. It isn’t impossible with globalization!!
Due to “global village” concept, individual differences, barriers and borders are rapidly declining. Irrespective of your skin colour, race, religion or anything that try to pull you backwards, you are privileged of gaining the maximum benefits of education.
Globalization has widened the opportunities to build an individual to cater the needs and cope with the challenges of the modern world. So today education is not only providing chances of employment, but it is also capable of career enhancement, personality and interpersonal relations development.
On top of all, I must say that globalization ensures that you are able to become the person who you want to be. It defines your dreams and goals!!
The notion of globalization and its relation to the enhancement of education must be widely discussed.