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Volunteerism and youth activism is an essential factor when considering the development of a nation. Everyone thinks seniority is a qualification when it comes to top ranks. But I disagree. May be it’s a boost in terms of experience, but to be a leader what I believe is that you have to be a really good people person. You need to be able to listen to opinions of other people and integrate them in your own. Young people specially have the ability to compromise and respect other people’s ideas as well as to be impartial.

In the context of Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Youth and Skills Development plays a major role in empowering youth. It has created many platforms for the young people to engage in, to share the ideas. And young people have been given the opportunity to involve in resolving many issues, especially by organizing the Youth Parliament. Through these kind of activities it affirms that young voices do matter.

But still I believe, in a world that is fraught with violence, plagued with many massive global scale problems and Sri Lanka being a country that has experienced a 30 year war, it is essential that we instill the idea that there should be more youth involvement and empowerment.

An interconnected world also requires people that are skilled at communication across cultures, understanding and appreciating differences and remaining open minded to other perspectives. Therefore more priority should be granted to the young people of Sri Lanka for a better future for all.

World is interconnected. Along with the opportunities created by our increasingly connected world, are a number of challenges. Shared challenges require shared solutions. Therefore this emphasizes the need of a platform to gauge the knowledge, skills and ideas of people around the world in order to solve the issues. Furthermore it will signify that actions taken today will matter for a better future.

Since each and every moment in our lives is relevant, contentious and challenging, it is really important to have a proper mission in achieving targets. Working towards the goal set for a better future can produce more inclusive societies and these targets set constitute the moral ground and inspiration for the development any nation.

We achieve success undoubtedly due to hard work and perseverance. So let’s put in that hard work to take charge of our lives and work towards a sustainable future.

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