Why are you scared of losing?
Why is it so hard for you to smile with everyone?
Why can’t you treat others, according to the way you like to be treated?
Why can’t you follow what your heart says?

If you think you are so attractive because of your look,
You are totally wrong, darling
Let your personality attract society,
And watch yourself how much they crave your vibes

If you are gifted with nice skills,
Use that skill to make someone else happy
But not to underestimate your fellows,
Make your own brand instead of trying to prove how much you are skilled,
And prove it to yourself, that you are already at the peak

Who said love is so selfish, love is so selfless and you can give it to all
First, love yourself, and then, let yourself be a light to someone else
If you see someone needs help, don’t wait until they ask for it
You don’t need to have an extra to share, try sharing with what you have

Learn to accept both comments and compliments, and
Be humble enough to say sorry, if you feel bad about what you had done
Everyone has their own journey, but there’s a point that all of us meet
At that place, you will be treated according to the way you’ve treated others
So be good for no reason,
Not only for some but to all.

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