Synchronizing The Purple Heart Beats- FOS Media’s AGM 2023


Synchronizing the purple heart beats, the Annual General Meeting of the Official Media Unit of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo was held on the 6th of August 2023 marking the end of an eventful year and the dawn of another brand new one. It was a joyous celebration of the year the purple family had spent united with a promise to do better and greater than the last.

FOS Media covered many events in the previous year, including the Fresher’s Orientation programme, the General Convocation 2021, the Colours Awarding Ceremony, Annual Research Symposium, Red Tie Day for the years 2022/2023. It was indeed an eventful year to say the least, as the purple family provided coverage for many gatherings, tea parties, official opening ceremonies, inaugurations and such events organised by the University’s departments last year. FOS Media provided their contribution through photography and live-streaming for club events, some of which are, ‘Seeharaawa’ and ‘Baita,’ organised by the Rotaract club of the Faculty of Science, ‘Shraddanjalee’ organised by the Buddhist Society of the university, ‘Kalana’ organised by the Leo club of the faculty of Science and ‘Naada Nu’ organised by the Musical society of the university. The year saw FOS Media being the official media partner for numerous events for which, they provided their photography, live-streaming, announcing and videography coverage. 

Furthermore, The FOS Media’s Students Blog reached the community through the blog articles published from free thoughts to accounts of science and technology in Sinhala, English and Tamil languages. ‘REVELATIO,’ a competition for the writers of the purple family and ‘EXPLORARE,’ a science article series to highlight the scientific advancement throughout the human history successfully continued in the year 2022/2023. Another significant achievement during the previous year was the publishing of the 250th FOS FOCUS.

Undoubtedly in the past year, FOS Media was able to shine throughout, reaching greater heights and reporting the best at first, through the immense talents of the members in the fields of photography, videography, live-streaming, graphic designing, blogging and announcing.

The AGM started out with the vice president of FOS Media for the year 2022/2023, Azam aiya, welcoming all those gracing the occasion with their presence. Sachini madam, the coordinator of FOS Media, addressed the gathering, adding her valuable insights about the family’s progress and reminding everyone that virtue, values and discipline will always keep us far ahead of the others. Then, the  occasion was coloured by fresh talent as Jithmi nangi, one of the freshers, performed a melodious song which brought smiles and the feels to all those gathered. 

The past alumni, Gayan sir and Gayath sir, both former Chief Editors and Reporters esteemed with extensive experience in FOS Media, reminisced about the early days of the club and talked about how it had flourished now. They shared stories and memories about the stony path of this journey and how it has now climbed a greater height.

Nuwanga sir, the advisor of FOS Media, added his valuable thoughts and insights for the occasion, reminiscing the days he spent as a member of the FOS family and introducing the important heads and milestones of FOS Media to all the freshers who were present. Mudith Ekanayake sir, former Chief Editor and Reporter of the FOS family, graced this special occasion, from across the seas, through a virtual platform and addressed the gathering with fond memories of the past and invaluable advice. His presence via zoom was a testament to the Purple family’s adaptability and commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that distance was not a barrier to participation.

Next, Tharindu aiya and Shevon aiya, the first and the second past presidents of FOS Media took the stage respectively. Their speeches intertwined nostalgia and foresight which conveyed their hopes for greater endeavors in the future.

The second years then performed a truly mesmerizing dance item that kept the assembly smiling and holding up their cameras. Refreshments were given, providing a moment of relaxation and an opportunity for the members to connect and share their thoughts, after which, Udani akki and Sammani akki, the Secretary and a Chief Coordinator, respectively, of FOS Media for the year 2022/2023 addressed the gathering. They walked everyone down the memory lane and reminisced all of the good memories they had collected while working in the Executive Committee. Imalka Dissanayake, a fellow second year, gave his musical contribution to the event, adding entertainment and musical flavour to the occasion. 

The most awaited segment for the event was the introduction of the new Executive Committee members and the Board of Directors for the year 2023/2024. The outgoing president, Deelaka aiya addressed the gathering, remembering his time as the president of FOS Media, the memories his team had made, and the many people he had to pay his gratitude for. It was a bittersweet moment for everyone gathered. Slowly, the board of directors were announced, introductions were made, smiles and laughter filled the room. Finally, the Executive Committee was announced where Mahinsa aiya was appointed as the President for the upcoming year 2023/2024.

Amidst the smile and cheers, Mahinsa aiya addressed the gathering, as the newly appointed president of FOS Media. He outlined his vision for the future of FOS Media while appreciating the effort and hard work of the outgoing ExCo.

As a token of appreciation and gratitude, souvenirs were presented to the outgoing Executive Committee, for their tireless efforts to keep the purple family proud. The vote of thanks was given by the new secretary, Ama akki, and the gathered dismissed, ending another chapter of the FOS Media legacy, and on the onset of opening a brand new one.  

As the newly appointed team of editors, we wish to thank all of those before us, who continued to do wonders and brought FOS Media to what it stands today. We remember with gratitude, all the hardwork and effort given by all the past committee members, board of directors and members, to keep the purple family proud. Our heartfelt thank you to all the executive committee members and board of directors of 2022/2023 for doing a truly exceptional job last year! We also would like to extend our wishes to Mahinsa aiya and his team for their appointments. May you work wonders and continue to make all our successors and alumni proud of being a part of the purple family!


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