Taekwondo – Freshers’ Tournament 2019


The day of the Taekwondo tournament arrived with a new hope for the freshers of the University of Colombo. After two months of hard practice session the new comers had the opportunity to show their talents to everyone. The university gymnasium was filled with various actions of the Taekwondo contestants. The Taekwondo tournament was held successfully on the 08th of April at the university gymnasium from 9.30 am onwards. The energetic performance of the competitors, add glamour to the event.

Taekwondo is one of the famous arts of self defense which was originated in Korea. Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea. The name Taekwondo was derived from Korean words. Tae which means foot, Kwon which means fist, Do which means the way of. Therefore, the term literally means the way of foot and fist.

The Taekwondo tournament for the Inter Faculty Freshers’ Championship was conducted under two main categories. They were men’s and women’s category. Contestants were divided in to weight classes and the tournament was held according to those weight categories. Faculty of Science, University of Colombo School of Computing, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Technology sent their talented players to the stage.

All the contestants were equally talented and obviously, there was a tough competition between each and every round. All contestants performed their talents in an attractive manner. The Faculty of Science took the lead since the beginning of the tournament. The well talented players of the science faculty provided a good competition to the other respective faculties. This tournament was held until around 4 pm.


It was a very energetic and an attractive event. The results were calculated according to the points obtained by each faculty. After a tough competition, the team of the Faculty of Science emerged victorious in the men’s category. They had a total of 36 points. The University of Colombo School of Computing became the 1st runners-up with 15 points. Both the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Technology became joint 2nd runners up by 08 points. In the women’s category too, the Faculty of Science won the championship with 20 points while the University of Colombo School of Computing became the 1st runners up with 12 points. Faculty of Technology became the 2nd runners up by 04 marks.

Finally, the students of Faculty of Science was declared as the overall champions of the Taekwondo tournament for the year 2019. We, FOS Media congratulate the winners of the Taekwondo tournament and appreciate their courageous participation in the event.

Written By : Nethma Dulmini

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