Young at heart

Yet juvenile in mind

Thinks life is easy

Growing up quick


Somewhere around

While some yearn

For their youth

Raises her doubt


Being young

Dreamt of adulthood

Lack of freedom

Crave for independence

Backed her thoughts


Young growing up


Hanging at cafes

Accomplishing a job

Shopping on her own

Looking after family

Heightened up her feelings


Gobbled up

In her cravings

Unending eagerness

Accelerates her urgency

She is in the shoe of an adult

Swarmed with responsibilities




Strikes her dream of bliss

Amidst all burdens

Freedom and felicity

Seems heavenly


Weeping over losing glory

Reminisces fun and enthusiasm

Time of everlasting elation

Educated and pampered

Under parental affection


Scooped up

Childhood memories

Blossoming youth

Marks a red line

In her mind


Lost in her thoughts

She questions,

“Why are we ignorant?”

Losing childhood

Over complicated adulthood


She concludes

Though eager to grow

Youth draws me back

Time flies

Enjoy your present

Soon an adult to be

Lamenting over the past.


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