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What’s a cooler hobby than photography? It’s wildlife photography! Because that’s where we can find the glamorous model hidden in an animal. Fancy trying it? You probably should. Who doesn’t like to hide in the jungle and silently observe some adorable creatures? The outcome is not just making yourself a good photographer, but also encouraging people to love wildlife and to protect them, thus serving the world.

Champaign Breakfast

Capturing an animal with your camera isn’t that hard right? Just give it some food!  Well, this may seem easy, but it’s a huge DON’T in wildlife photography ethics. There are a lot more Dos and Don’ts to keep yourself, and the wildlife protected.

Wildlife; this simple word covers a vast number of fauna, having different life patterns in different habitats. Therefore, just a single technique can’t make a perfect photograph. What are the right skills, cameras, lenses, and other stuff you need to have in these different situations?

You just read some important facts that you should be concerned about if you’re interested in wildlife photography. Curious to know more??  Don’t worry! FOS media, along with one of Sri Lanka’s most famous wildlife photographers is here to help!!

Lakshitha Karunarathna

Mr. Lakshitha Karunarathne, previously a tea taster in the profession, has grown up as an enthusiastic wildlife observer. But his journey as a wildlife photographer only commenced 6 years ago.  Within that period, his artistic eye managed to capture the beauty of Sri Lanka, Polar Regions, and everywhere in between, securing more than 250 awards from 35 countries. This number includes the Grand Prize of the 2017 Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice Awards held in Washington D.C.

The Grand Prize winner

Lakshitha’s photo of pride of huddling African lionesses which he took in Kenya, was picked as the Grand Prize winner picked from 26 000 entries from all over the world. Lakshitha was a Finalist for the People’s Choice Award in the BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award too. His Alma mater supported a lot in revealing the person he is today. He is a nobleman who never fails to express the gratitude towards Ananda College by recalling all the strengths it has given to him.

So, join with FOS media on the 29th of November from 7.00 p.m. onwards, to listen to his story of success, while learning to master the art of wildlife photography.

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