Why should we have a second hobby for us?


We all are used to the phrase ; ” I am so busy these days” .But, have we ever missed any instagram stories of our friends?

have we missed any whatsapp stories?

Any FB posts in which there was a long “comment-war”?

No,we did not.But when it comes up to something that will make us more productive;

yes ,we run behind the phrase ” Sorry,I ‘m not available” .

But, there is one particular phrase we always use in the posts we put up,in the news feed we write up on,

“relieving stress” , “stress-reliever” ,It’s high-time for us to think of an alternative we can practice up and pass it on to our kids who will be more stressed than us,amidst this mechanized world.

So, this article will boost you up to get used to something productive ,but never kiddish as we imagine.

Here comes the word “hobby”. Many of us will say that my hobby is spending time on social media.As I too do the samething,I can never deny the pleasure of looking at what people are doing, so I would say , it s better to start up a second hobby too!

The second hobby can be anything that makes you put your phone away ,just for half an hour per day(which is highly reccommended by psychologists these days). Its obvious that there should be something you find interesting outside the phone, to put it aside.There comes the second hobby into your life.

So first I will add a few to the bucket..



3.Handworks like DIY s


I hope the final one looks so weird for anyone who lives in a very small room as an annex or in an apartment . Yes ,it is.

But, isn’t it funny,if we,the discoverers of space-travelling, pose that” growing a plant on my own is impossible”?/

There are a few of us,who think what can it bring back to us,rather than just pleasure as the psychologists say.

Thus, an easy way of growing and making money out of plants is “hydroponics”.

Its the way of growing plants in a water medium.

It can be planned at a largescale like…


The above image is the simplest hydroponic setup you can build up on!
1.Find a rigifoam box(you can alternate this box with other ideas like plastic basins,which can be PLASTIC REUSE ideas too.) Also,you should find a lid for the box with holes where plants will be kept on.So,there should be small nets fitted on the under side of the hole to support the plant. (Remember, the rigifoam box or pieces of nets are still easy to buy things)

2.Find hydroponic media powder easily obtained in plant and fertilizer shops.

The most common name you can use to find it is “Albert solution”.

3.Mix the above powder in normal tap-water.(follow the relevant ratio provided on the packet).

4. Select any plant eg:kankun,tomato or any plant(but should be previously grown in a soil support.(Remember ,still its a easy to do step-you can grow your tomato seed or your kankun on the yoghurt cup you will throw out)

After placing the plant, take a good-look into the plant ,if it needs support ,it is better to support it with some coir that can be found at all our homes.

When growing, the root should be submerged in to the water,because the media is where the plant absorbs nutrient.

At regular intervals the liquid media should be changed. Eg; If a volume of 4 l of media is used per 15 plants, changing the media once  a week is enough.This can be further improved by observing your plant properly.When the plant looks malnourished,within the week itself,it is better to change the medium,rather than waiting for the end of the week.

There, you get tomato or your piece of spinach you can consume,and if you wish you can sell it to your neighbours too.

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