Invasive Species


You are an invasive species

Who came to my bare land of a heart

Which was never colonized before

Like a pioneer species


Generalist who can survive

Any kinda environment easily

Colonizing and changing my heart

To a habitable place


Naturally, you were successful

In capturing all of my heart

With a high productive rate

Leaving no space even for a breath


With your sweet talks and good looks

You disarm and out-compete your enemies

Completely rendering them helpless

Totally distorting the dynamic equilibrium


Eliminating every single doubt

One by one. Step by step

With an amazing self-compatibility

Taking no prisoners


But like every invasive species

Your impacts were harmful and dangerous

They came down in hard blows

One after the other


Growing wickedly all over the place

Leaving hard roots of memories

Painful to remember

Terrified to forget


And then you were gone just like that

Making a huge wreck in your wake

Taking nothing but happiness

Destroying any hope for a restart


Now my heart is a barren land again

Uninhabitable for anyone for a long time

Yet time passes, pass it does even for me

So yes, you are an invasive species


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