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Day after day, the last day of the IAO 2019 competition began with the first sun rays that were felt in the Piatra Neamt city. After preparation, all walked towards Piatra Gary to get maximum to enjoy and experience on the last day too.

Panorama without Phone

There is another thing where tourists get attracted to the city. That is a cable car system called Telegondola. It started its service in 2008 and now it is capable of carrying 1200 people per hour.

After all came to the cable car stops, which is near to the train station they got into cars one by one. This car was made to carry 8 persons at once. So there was enough space for our team in the cable car because our team was a very small one.

After the journey started, they saw a beautiful sky view of the Piatra Neamt city, distant mountain ranges, lakes, rivers along large Carpathian forests. For some of the students in our team, this was their very first experience with cable cars, because Sri Lanka has not started cable car service yet.

After some time they came to the Cozla hill where they got out of the car to observe around. They saw the city in the distance and the river Bistrita. They spent some enjoyable time on top of the hill and came back to the city ending the cable car trip.

Shopping for the Memories

After coming back to the city, teams had gone to Downtown for shopping to take some memories from the cities. They were busy with choosing gifts and souvenirs for friends and relatives. Also, they were trying to buy some clothes to wear when they go back to their countries. They spent their time shopping until their lunch.

Award Ceremony in Youth Theatre

Teatrul Tineretului (Youth Theatre) Piatra Neamț is a cultural institution and a landmark of  Romania. It is a well-known theatre in the country which built-in 1958 and got its present title in 1967. This theatre will be given opportunities for the younger to show their theatrical talents.

After lunch, teams had prepared for the closing ceremony and after that, they had departed to the Youth Theatre for attending the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was colored with music events, especially gymnastic events.

It was not only a closing ceremony, but it was also an award ceremony too.  They got awarded according to the diploma they had got according to the marks of the exams and the team they had performed. So, organizers had distributed medals and certificates, Diploma I, Diploma II, Diploma III. After that, they had given special awards too. Unfortunately, this time, our team had got only one award, the special award for the highest mark who got among from last 5  IAO host countries. That award was for Akalanka Rathnapriya .

Then organizers were given presents for participants, volunteers, team leaders too, and that was marked as the end of the IAO 2019 competition.

Dinner Party at the Hotel

After the end of the closing ceremony, all came back to the hotel and prepared for the grand dinner. All chit chatted while getting their meals. Furthermore, they had got selfies while eating. There were no specialties, all teams were mixed with others and were given hugs, thanks, and goodbyes too.

After eating they joined in dancing which marked the end of the day.

Come Back to Motherland

After ending their journey, our team was prepared to return to the country. A friend they had made in this short time said ‘Good Bye ‘ to them and shared hugs too. With banquets of Romania, they entered the plane which flies to Sri Lanka. That marked the end of the letters received from Romania.

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