The Hope of Tomorrow…


I let down my hair

To feel the cool breeze

Waving my hands here and there 

Walking down the cobbled street

To see the sunset at the beach

I hurry my legs


Oh! How much I miss the sunset

I told myself,

With the immense yearn I have

To find the tranquility 

Here I go to see the beauteous sunset 

I’ve missed for months


Oh! The mesmerizing sundown

I long waited to see

Finally, is in front of my eyes 

‘Whoa! I feel so alive’

With a sigh of utter happiness,

I murmur to myself 


I see the scarlet sun

Drowning into the enormous sea

With the melancholy I carried 

Soaking the world in dark

And, handing me the hope

The hope of tomorrow…


Written By: Gayanika Jayarathne

Image Courtesy: Author


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