The Virus of Love


Are you a tandem repeat of a virus?

Recurring through my genes

That should have stayed there

Without annoying me


You may be a mutation

Which I can’t delete

No matter how hard I try

Till my mismatch repair system is exhausted


I would very much like to

Run a PCR on your sequence

And see what is so special

That it affects me this much


How could you possibly dare?

To infect my precious blood

Are you the SARS CoV-2 virus?

To bring my whole world to its knees.


I wish I would develop immunity.

Strong enough to hold you at bay

So I can get on with my life

And you won’t bother me anymore


Finally, if natural selection is not MIA

I have a request for you

Please select my immunity over the virus of love

Before it mutates and destroys me forever.


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