Wail No More, Dear “Maha Nuga” Tree…


Glimpsed through the past, we wish to revisit,

The days beneath our green-robed conical figure

Draped in serenity and infinite comfort.

Stood forth, like a gigantic dynasty of earth,

A friend indeed,

Listened to generations of struggles and accomplishments

Of threatened liberty and desires,

With an unbiased and noble spirit.


Songs to sing,

Remain unsung to this day.

Love to be kept as a secret,

Wisdom to be sought,

Tears to be shed, in stormy days,

All are yet to unfold.

We may find a way, one way or another,

To reach your cozy home again.

Giving our best tries while surviving,

As you’ve never been forgotten and never will be.


How longer are you willing to wait?

For those joyous times

Which aren’t gone forever.

Secured and treasured as memories to recreate,

Until they could bloom again peacefully.


Fill this moment,

Round the poet’s mesh, I twine,

Happens to come your way with grace.

As you sink deep to my words,

Create a moment for me,

With the divine promise

That we will meet again.


Forget the days of loneliness and sorrow,

Spent swaying to the tunes of the weary breeze.

Make us thy, home of eternal love and care,

For us to survive, amidst all chaos.

Bode with a goodbye and our prayers,

Until we meet again!


A reply to the poem “Wails, The ‘Maha Nuga’ Tree…” by Pramod Dilshan.

Image courtesy: 2020 FOS Media



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