Whispered Secrets


All know, my name begins from ‘D’,
I am here to share my story, you see.
Listen closely to my tale, my silent plea,
For a silent bond with him, this is the key.
He shares secrets with me in the night’s embrace,
In the quiet hours, I sigh with grace.
I’ve held both joy and sorrow close,
In the world of his dreams, I’m his narrative.

In my depths, his words find their way,
A silent companion through night and day.
Through every trial and triumph he’s known,
In my world of whispers, he’s never alone.

In my embrace, his story finds its home,
A peaceful place where memories stay.
In my silent world, where his secrets find respect,

Guess, who am I?

Yes, I’m a Diary, where his story is safely kept.


Written By: Chanisha Dilthi

Image Courtesy: https://bitly.ws/3cBZc

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