Let’s Learn Sinhala & Tamil-Lesson 9


So,we are meeting again to learn the second national languages of mother Sri Lanka.

We have finished learning about daily wishes and interactive phrases in lesson 6, about various times of the day in lesson 7 and the basic numbers in the lesson 8.Now,we shall study some applications of the numbers as promised in the last lesson.

First we will refresh our memory in the last lessons.

Exercise : Try saying the numbers from 1 to 10 in your second language.

Answers : Answers can be found in the previous lesson that you can find from https://fos.cmb.ac.lk/blog/lets-learn-sinhala-tamil-lesson-8/

Applications of numbers

1:තේ එකක් දෙන්න (தே எகக் தென்ன )

தேநீர் ஒன்று தாருங்கள் (තෙනීර් ඔන්ඩ්රු තාරුන්ගල් )


2. තොසේ දෙකක් දෙන්න (தொசே தெகக் தென்ன )

இரண்டு தோசைகள் தாருங்கள் (ඉරන්ඩු තොසෛගල් තාරුන්ගල් )


3.පෑන් තුනක් දෙන්න (பென் துணக் தென்ன )

மூன்று பேனாக்கள் தாருங்கள்(මූන්ඩ්රු පෙනාක්කල් තාරුන්ගල් )


Also, we should learn some daily used words too.

book =පොත (பொத )

= புத்தகம் (පුත්තගම්)

room = කාමරය  (காமரய)

= அறை (අරෛ)


Where’s the lecturer’s room?

lecturer ගේ කාමරය කොහෙද?(lecturer கே காமரய கொஹெ த? )

lecturer இன் அறை எங்கே உள்ளது?(lecturer ඉන් අරෛ එන්ගේ උල්ලදු ?)


Try learning these phrases and sentences in your daily life too…

Hope to meet you in the next lesson with some more daily used phrases…


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