Life through my Eyes


I stare at the wave that leaves the beach

Trying so hard to grab on to each other

But no matter how much you try to reach

If that’s not your significant other

They sure will slip away, so don’t bother!


Just wait for it, give it some time

Let life lead its way through the dark,

Though you might not even have a dime

Certain things in life, for sure will leave a mark

You just have to wait for that spark!


Things don’t always work out as planned

So, we just gotta have some faith because

The saying goes “God has it all planned”

And its not always gonna be an applause

Since all of us have our share of flaws!


One day when you halt your little quest

Take a deep breath and turn around

You’ll realize the times you had the best

Are all the times your regrets were drowned

And the happiness you achieved will astound!


As every dewdrop that falls down

All of us have a hidden beauty inside

Just focus more on your own crown

And it would be just one special stride

Before everything you ever wanted will be by your side!

By Oshadi Tennakoon

Image Credits: Author

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