Messages from Romania – 6 (Part 1)


After the end of the long hard days, competitors, team leaders and volunteers all joined for the next journey of IAO 2019. This time they had decided to visit the northeastern part of Neamt Country. Most of the competitors were with a fresh mindset and full of joyful minds due to the feeling of an end to all exams in the competition. Hence this journey was more fun than before. This was their seventh or eighth day in Neamt country. So, all were  well adapted to this environment and most of them knew each other too. Therefore, there was more fun when the buses traveled to their destination. After a nearly two hour journey, they came to their first stop, a town named “Dumbrava -Timisesti”.

Deposit Stallions Dumbrava

Dumbrava is very famous for horse storage. This storage is also called as “The Stud of the King” because the royal stables of Stefan cel Mare were in this place. But today the stable which begun in 1910, has a modern infrastructure at international standards. There are nearly 100 horses in the stallion these days and some are participating in the Balkan Olympic Games too. This place is very popular for equestrian tourism as they are doing some sessions too.

This time the organizers set up a session in this stallion for participants in this competition. This contained a horse ring and some horse stunts. They saw all those things from the pavilion on the ground. Anyway, that gave an excitement for the teams,  especially for most of our team. This was their first experience of horse riding. They had spent some interesting moments and had got some enjoyment.

After spending time in the Dumbrava horse stallion, they started to go to their next destination. After spending half an hour, they reached their next destination, “Natural park Vanatori Neamt”.

Time with Bison..

Vanatori Neamt Natural Park is located mainly in the Stanisoarei Mountain in the Eastern Carpathian and in Maldavian Sub-Carpathians which almost covers nearly 76600 acres. This park includes the Silver forest reserve which has 100-year-old Birch trees and the Codrii de Arama natural reserve which has a 135-year old evergreen Oak and more than 300 plant species. This park contains rich flora and fauna species and is also the only place in Europe where tourists can see Bison, the largest land animal in Europe that lives in three habitat types: in freedom, in the forest of the park and in  “Dragoş Vodă” Carpathian Wildlife and Bisons Reserve at semi-freedom.

The teams were fascinated by looking around at the surroundings. They liked this green world. They were welcomed with traditional food by a young community who were connected with the reserve, and the teams loved to taste them. They visited “Dragoş Vodă ” and saw some bison who live in the reserve. That was the first time our team saw a bison and they really loved this creature. Also, they had learned how this reserve works, how they protect bison and how they acclimatize these bison to forests. They also visited the bison museum which had rich memories of bison. It was not reserved only for bison, but for other animals too. They had seen some dummies of some birds and animals living in this forest and learned about them too.

There was a young community who were painting animals and  the nature of this forest. That was a new experience for our team in communicating the value of the forest and protecting these animals to the public. As well as they were showing their tradition in that room and showing how they were made. That reminded Dhambana Villages in Sinharaja for our team surely.

Anyway, after the end of the travel in the forest, they started to travel to Targu-Neamt.

This is part 1 of article 6 of a series of 7 articles. Don’t forget to read article 6 (part 2)! If you haven’t read article 5, please feel free to do so! If you are new to the series, we recommend you start from article 1.


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