DNA fingerprint: the silent witness of a crime

Have you ever heard about the Royal Park Murder Case back in 2005? It was a case that gained lot of media attention due to the brutality of the murder and lack of evidence but, finally justice was granted and the culprits were caught with the help of a silent ... Read more

Effectiveness of Sri Lankan funeral rituals in enduring death and bereavement

Funerals, death, grief; these are few things we have been experiencing during the past few days. The unfortunate events occurred on Easter Sunday led to the loss of many innocent lives. The living relatives of the deceased, even though utterly devastated, ... Read more

Operant conditioning: to reward or to punish?

Have you ever seen how small infants keep on crying till their mother lifts them up or pays them attention? Have you ever wondered why it happens? Not only humans, animals: especially dogs learn not to do certain tasks if you punish them. This type of ... Read more

Classical conditioning and Pavlov’s dog experiment

Have you ever experienced your mouth watering at the thought of tasty food? Do you start feeling hungry when it’s close to your lunch break? Have you ever thought what actually causes secretion of saliva and gastric juices even though you don’t have any ... Read more
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